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About Amplisolve

AmpliSolve Founder Unleashes AI for B2B Lead Generation

While leading a globally successful social media marketing agency, Hjalte Henriksen – the founder of AmpliSolve acknowledged a severe thirst for getting new clients in the B2B industry space.


Unlike eCommerce or B2C, Mr. Henriksen realized that B2B businesses flourish via Lead Generation. But there’s a severe shortage of pioneers in the Lead Generation space who use state-of-the-art technology and leverage the power of AI to help make the process swift and seamless.

This is when the idea of AmpliSolve took birth with the sole purpose of providing world-class Lead Generation services to B2B businesses. Today, AmpliSolve is a globally recognized agency that has worked with 350+ businesses and provided 7.5k+ clients to its partners.


If you are a B2B and getting new clients is one of your biggest challenges, try AmpliSolve; there’s nothing better.

AmpliSolve: Your Ultimate Solution for B2B Lead Generation

Our Process

Transparency lies at the core of AmpliSolve principles. If you visited this page after getting a message from the AmpliSolve team, you can testify to the fact that we sent you an honest, clear, and transparent offer.


Our process thus includes 2 engines of Lead Generation – Automated Email Marketing and Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation.


We have dedicated teams of A-players in marketing, copywriting, sales, and software engineering who handle the process of lead generation for you. The performance of these teams is regularly reviewed, and they are always on a challenge to beat each other down to earn the Best Performer rewards we offer to boost their morale.


With AmpliSolve handling your Lead Generation efforts, you can rest assured that your business will stay en route to success, and your investment is periodically incentivized.

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